Sanquin Oy

High quality plasma pharmaceuticals in Finland

Sanquin Oy provides high quality plasma products, which are used in hospital care and in the treatment of rare hereditary diseases. Our broad product portfolio has fulfilled the special needs of hospitals and patients for over 10 years in Finland.

We supply the missing component

Our aim is to supply the missing component to a patient, whose disease or illness is due to the lack of a specific and functional protein in the blood stream. We also consider lack of knowledge to be part of the missing component. We educate health care professionals and provide comprehensive information on our products and therapy areas.

Sanquin Oy belongs to the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation. This not-for-profit organisation is responsible for the blood service in the Netherlands. Sanquin has produced plasma medicines since 1944. All other activities of the foundation, like research and diagnostic services, are described on the company website Sanquin Blood Supply,

For further information on the local operation in Finland, please contact:

Sanquin Oy

Managing Director Päivi Talvitie

+35840 9022 277

E-mail: first name.last

Bertel Jungin aukio 1, Alberga Business Park
02600 Espoo

Tel. +358 9 6120 910